RESULTS: 2008 GLRAC at CWRU (4/12/08)

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RESULTS: 2008 GLRAC at CWRU (4/12/08)

Post by swwFCqb » Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:25 am

20 teams from 14 schools descended to Case Western Reserve for the 2008 Great Lakes Regional Academic Championship. Great Lakes returned to a PACE format this year, using an abridged set of 22 tossups (8/6/8). The 20 teams that showed up were split up into 4 divisions, playing a round robin with one bye in 5 morning rounds. Here are the morning results:

Overall seed/team/record/PPG/Margin of victory

Surratt Divison
2. Russell 4-0 378.8 325.0
8. Olmsted Falls 3-1 166.2 38.8
12. St. Ignatius B 2-2 85.0 85.0
16. Hudson B 1-3 47.5 -153.8
18. Kenston 0-4 73.8 -125.0

Powell Division
1. Detroit Country Day 4-0 390.0 285.0
2. Solon A 3-1 361.2 235.0
11. Richmond Heights 2-2 87.5 -123.8
15. Brush B 1-3 78.8 -128.8
20. Stow B 0-4 28.8 -267.5

Herold Divison
3. Garfield Heights 4-0 368.8 261.2
7. St. Ignatius A 3-1 200.0 27.5
9. St. John's A 2-2 176.2 -31.2
13. Brush A 1-3 142.5 -133.8
17. Solon B 0-4 127.5 -123.8

4. Stow A 4-0 362.5 267.5
6. Northmont 3-1 217.5 96.2
10. Hudson A 2-2 117.5 -53.8
14. St. John's B 1-3 115.0 -95.0
19. Elyria Catholic 0-4 51.2 -215.0

Following the morning rounds, teams were seeded according to record, then PPG, with the top 10 competing in a single elim championship bracket and the bottom 10 playing in a single elim consolation bracket (both of which had placement games for those who lost). The top four teams qualified for the PACE NSC. Here were the final results of the championship bracket:

1st Place: Stow Munroe A
2nd Place: Garfield Heights
t-3rd Place: Detroit Country Day and Russell (understandably left without playing the third place match)

1. Dan Humphrey (Garfiled Heights) 147.5 PPG
2. Ryan (Russell) 120 PPG
3. Nathan Jose (Stow Monroe A) 112.5 PPG

I would like to thank the out of state teams DCD and Russell for making the trip out. I appreciate you giving me the chance to show that I can run a better Case event than previous years (which, admittedly, was not very hard), and I do hope that both of you had a great time. I do hope you consider to continue attending Case events in the future.

To Matt Weiner and other question writers involved: I'm not sure if this set is being used elsewhere, so I won't give specifics, but the sets had major problems with grammatical errors and repeats. If these are being used elsewhere, you may want to review them (or either warn the TD's of those tournaments to review them). Also, before I get lambasted for "complaining" about grammatical errors again, let me note that this is not coming from me, but rather from a majority of the readers from my tournament. I myself do not know the severity of it, as I was unable to go through all the questions before I had to copy them for the tournament date, so I just giving you heads-up. I am in no way trying to blast anyone or call anyone out (especially Matt, whose name I am only using because he actually sent me the set), and I want to make this abundantly clear before somebody goes and charges me with being a petty ass-hole. I do want to compliment the set, as the questions for the most part were very well written and difficulty appropriate for a tournament like this. It is just that the only real complaints I heard were about the grammar and repeats (not the questions themselves), so I want to call this to your attention so that the question set may be improved if they are being used at other sites. Thank you, and Matt, I will be sure to send your money for the questions as soon as possible.
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Re: RESULTS: 2008 GLRAC at CWRU (4/12/08)

Post by mknupp » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:50 am

This tournament was VERY well run. It started on time and finished on time. My team will come again next year to tournaments at CWRU.

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Re: RESULTS: 2008 GLRAC at CWRU (4/12/08)

Post by First Chairman » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:34 am

I'm very pleased to hear that. Stephen: you all did good!
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