Bulldog Invitational (IS-158)

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Bulldog Invitational (IS-158)

Postby tmcavoy » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:53 pm

Greetings and salutations!

It is with great excitement that the Tazewell High School Scholastic Bowl Team will be hosting its first ever 20/20 NAQT tournament, The Bulldog Invitational, on Saturday, January 14th, 2017. If weather becomes an issue, we may postpone the tournament to January 14th. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and notify you well in advance; don’t worry.

We have been working in conjunction with Gate City, Honaker, and Richlands to put together a string of four tournaments over the course of this Scholastic Bowl season-- one per month, with The Redbud Invitational at Honaker on October 15, Gate City's Legion Memorial Invitational on November 12, and Richlands’ Tornado Invitational on December 3rd.

Our goal of hosting these tournaments is to make everyone more competitive when it comes to facing off against teams in the east-- our geographic isolation in SWVA had put us at a disadvantage, but now we can turn it into an advantage. Last season, Honaker, Wise Central, and Cave Spring-- all teams from the West-- took home the 1A, 2A, and 3A state titles respectively, and all three of those teams participated in weekend tournaments. SWVA has shown that it can be a powerhouse in Scholastic Bowl with just a little extra time and effort.

We will initially be opening this tournament to teams from SWVA. Our primary goal is to garner more interest for Scholastic Bowl and quiz bowl competition in our immediate area-- the teams you encounter at the tournament will only be 'local' teams that you should be competitive with. However, if turnout is very low, we do reserve the right to open this event to teams from outside the area-- so the more local teams that register, the better.

The event will start at 9 AM (teams should arrive by 8:15 to complete registration, and we may provide a small complimentary first-come, first-served breakfast-- REGISTRATION WILL CONCLUDE AT 8:50), and an event of this type typically ends around 4-5 PM (this time will depend on the number of teams in attendance). We will try to guarantee every team at least 10 games. After a marathon such as this (especially if you attend more than one of these tournaments), a double-elimination VHSL Regional tournament will be much less taxing on your players.

Each school may register as many teams as they wish-- that means that all of your players can play all day, and your younger players get an opportunity to gain invaluable experience that will pay dividends for your program for years to come. The maximum number of players per team will be capped at 6-- any more than that, and you will need to register a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, team. Your respective teams will be classified as such: "Tazewell A," "Tazewell B," "Tazewell C," etc. You may arrange your players on teams in any manner you wish-- meaning you can put two of your 'starters' on your A team, two on the B team, or one on the A team, three on the B team, etc.

PRICE: I have incentivized registration for teams with no previous NAQT, PACE, or 20-20 experience. Please note that these entry fees and discounts are for the Bulldog Invitational ONLY-- prices for the other 3 tournaments will be set by each host school:
$80 per first ("A") team, $60 per team after that (B, C, D, etc) --Minimum entry fee is $50 after discounts
 $5 off your school's total for participation in Honaker's Redbud Invitational and/or Gate City's Legion Memorial Invitational and/or Richlands’ Tornado Invitational Tournaments
 $5 off your school's total per buzzer system brought (no cap on number of systems)
 $5 off your school's total for early registration (qualification for this ends on Dec. 10th, 2016)
 $10 off your school's total per competent quizmaster brought (must have previous VHSL or 20-20 reading experience-- limit 2 quizmasters per team.)
 $10 off your school's total if you have not participated in a non-VHSL tournament in the past 5 years (this does not include former MACC/SWAC participants, who still qualify for this discount)
A copy of the question sets used will be available to teams for $5-- limit 1 copy per school.
As registrations start coming in, we may have less/no need for more buzzer systems or quizmasters-- so the sooner you register, the better your chances are of earning these discounts!

FIELD SIZE: The initial cap for this event was 14 teams, but it has been expanded. There are 16 teams currently in the field, but we have room for a few more. The morning rounds will consist of a round-robin, with each team's record and points per game determining their placement in the afternoon playoff rounds (most likely round-robin based on record). The morning rounds will be split into two or three randomly-generated pools. The Top 3 teams will be presented with a trophy after the playoff rounds.

REGISTRATION: I will need the following information sent to me via email (tmcavoy@tazewell.k12.va.us) to reserve your place at the tournament. You must pay the entry fee in full at the morning registration. Payment can be made in cash or by check (please make out all checks to the Tazewell High School Scholastic Bowl). If you need a receipt for your school accountant, we will be happy to provide one, but please let me know before morning registration.
o School Name
o Number of teams to register (no limit-- max 6 players per team)
o Number of buzzer systems you're bringing (must be fully functional with no 'bugs')
o Number of staff members you can provide
o Whether you participated or plan to participate in the Redbud Invitational or the Legion Memorial Tournament
o Whether this is your first NAQT/20-20 event in the last 5 years
o If you will want a copy of the question sets after the conclusion of the tournament
o Most importantly: A CONTACT CELL PHONE NUMBER (in case you are delayed in your arrival)

• You may also contact me via email if you have any other questions, concerns, or need help in preparation for the tournament.
• I will be sending follow-up emails to all registered teams as the tournament nears-- at that point, I will require your roster for your team(s) and have more detailed information for you. Players may not change teams in the midst of a tournament-- no switching from A team to B team, B to C, etc.

Many thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from all of you as we strive to make Southwest Virginia the dominant force in VHSL Scholastic Bowl.

Have a great day, and we look forward to seeing you at the Bulldog Invitational Tournament at Tazewell High School on Saturday, January 7th, 2017.

Tom McAvoy
Tazewell High School
Scholastic Bowl Head Coach
Yu-Gi-Oh! Club Sponsor
Chess Club Co-Sponsor
Mathematics Department

We will be using NAQT set IS-158.

15 Teams Registered
Honaker 2 team/ 1 buzzers
Grundy 2 teams/ 1 buzzer
Richlands 2 teams/ 2 buzzers
Gate City 3 teams/ 1 buzzer/ 1 staffer
Virginia High 1 team/ 1 buzzer
Wise-Central 2 teams/ 2 buzzers
Lebanon 1 team/ 3 buzzers
Abingdon 2 teams

PACE (the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence) has awarded this tournament, Bulldog Invitational Tournament, platinum certification. This means that the top 25% of teams in the tournament (rounded up to the nearest integer) will qualify for our national high school quizbowl championship, the PACE NSC on the weekend of June 10th-11th at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare outside of Chicago.
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Re: Bulldog Invitational (IS-158)

Postby tmcavoy » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:24 pm

Stats are posted here: http://www.hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/4047/

The tournament was a great success! Congratulations to all our teams and coaches.

The rankings are found in the playoff bracket and the top 4 teams qualify for the PACE National tournament. Those teams are Honaker A, (Wise) Central A, Gate City A, and Grundy A.

1. Honaker A
2. (Wise) Central A
3. Gate City A
4. Grundy A
5. Richlands A
6. Gate City B
7. Virginia High
8. Abindon A
9. Lebanon
10. Honaker B
11. Abingdon B
12. Grundy B
13. Central B
14. Richlands B
15. Gate City C

The top 25 individual scorers were recognized and received book awards thanks to Shayna McGinnis, Maria White, and Sherry White.

I want to give special thanks to everyone who helped us out with the tournament. We had a great bunch of quizmasters and staffers: Chad Brown, Aaron Christian, Greg Deskins, McKennon Flint, Dren Rollins, Breanna Stokes, Alex Tabor, Alex Zachwieja, and, of course, Chuck Pearson. Breakfast was provided by the Tazewell Bulldogs Scholastic Bowl Team and Linda Lafferty. Lunch was served by the THS Project Graduation crew. Linda Akers kept the facility running and supervised the cleanup.

If you have any questions about the tournament, feel free to e-mail me at tmcavoy@tazewell.k12.va.us. We would like to remind the participants to not discuss the question set until it is released at a later date. We hope everyone had a great time and we wish you all luck in the upcoming VHSL playoffs.

Tom McAvoy
Scholastic Bowl Coach
Tazewell High School
Tom McAvoy
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Re: Bulldog Invitational (IS-158)

Postby tmcavoy » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:16 am

Teams qualified for the NAQT High School National Championship :
Honaker A
Wise Central A
Gate City A

Teams qualified for the NAQT Small School National Championship:
Honaker A
Grundy A
Richlands A

Teams qualified for the PACE National Scholastic Championship:
Honaker A
Wise Central A
Gate City A
Grundy A
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