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NAQT side event policy

Post by Important Bird Area » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:28 pm now has an official posting about our side event policy. wrote:NAQT is happy to have side events that provide additional opportunities for education and entertainment at its championship events. However, side events are unofficial and must be conducted without support or oversight from NAQT, subject to the following guidelines:

All announcements must be explicit that the event is not an official function of NAQT or the NAQT national championship, and is not sponsored, endorsed, or organized by NAQT.

NAQT does not assign or provide rooms for side events during our national championships, nor does it provide any other logistical support. Individuals or groups attending an NAQT national championship tournament are welcome to use any unlocked game room after the conclusion of play or setup on a day when there are games scheduled the next day. (In the recent past, this has been Friday and Saturday nights at SSNCT, MSNCT, and HSNCT, and Friday night at ICT and CCCT). No rooms will be available after the conclusion of the tournament finals and awards, during set-up periods, during scrimmages, or while any tournament games are in progress (even if they are not in progress in a particular room).

NAQT will provide no assistance to side events beyond issuing these guidelines. In particular, NAQT will not request the unlocking of a conference room that has been locked by the hotel, nor will it provide key cards for game rooms located in hotel suites, parlors, or guest rooms.

If NAQT members or hotel staff ask a side event contingent to move for any reason (such as, but not limited to, cleaning, maintenance, or reconfiguration of room setup), the room must be vacated immediately and without complaint.

Buzzers in NAQT national championship game rooms will generally remain set up from Friday evening until they are returned at the conclusion of the tournament, but this is not guaranteed. If a buzzer breaks during a side event, the group running the event is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement, and must let NAQT know prior to the start of play the next morning so a functioning buzzer can be set up in the room.

Groups are welcome to use staff hotel rooms if all staffers occupying the room consent to the use of the room for a side event. (That is, if Staffer A says “sure, let’s play five rounds of the side event in our room” and their roommate Staffer B says “sorry, I really need to get some sleep,” groups must respect Staffer B’s wishes and not play the side event in that room.)
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