An announcement regarding the NASAT distribution

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An announcement regarding the NASAT distribution

Postby Matt Weiner » Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:01 pm

For this year's NASAT, the HSAPQ board has voted to change the science distribution to:

Biology 25% plus or minus 2
Physics 25% plus or minus 2
Chemistry 19% plus or minus 2
Math 13%
Astronomy 5%
Earth Science 5%
Computer Science 4%
Science History 4%

("plus or minus" due to rounding because you can't write .3 of a question and other technical factors)

This represents a substantial increase in the number of math questions, which, in the 20-packet NASAT set, will be 12 tossups and 12 bonuses. So, every packet will have at least 1 math question and some will have 2.

Should this prove to work at the higher difficulty level, we will attempt to write the same amount of math at the regular high school difficulty level for next year's tournament sets.
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