ACRONYM 11: Global Announcement

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ACRONYM 11: Global Announcement

Postby InvadErGII » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:53 am

Play Quiz Bowl LLC is thrilled to announce ACRONYM 11, the latest edition of our low-difficulty pop culture tournament. As with previous years, this will be geared toward a high school audience but will be accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages.

Set Info and Distribution

ACRONYM 11 will be written by the same team as ACRONYM X: William Golden, Danny Vopava, and myself. It will contain 12 packets (this is one more than last year). Distribution will be the same as last year as well:

4/4 Movies (split evenly between 2010s and before)
4/4 TV (about 65% will be 2010s and the rest older)
4/4 Music (1/1 each of pop, rock, rap/r&b and other/multi)
4/4 Sports (1/1 each of baseball, football, basketball, and other/multi)
1.5/1.5 Games (mostly video games)
1/1 Trash Lit
1.5/1.5 Other/Miscellaneous

When Can I Play?

ACRONYM 11 will be available for mirrors beginning the weekend of February 17th. As of this time, the following events are scheduled:

- Sunday, February 18: University of Minnesota (Local open)
- Saturday, February 24: High School Event, Burnsville High School (high school)
- Saturday, March 3: CCCT, Chicago (open)
- Sunday, March 4: University of Minnesota (open side event)
- Friday, May 25: HSNCT, Atlanta (open/high school divisions): Thread

If you'd like to mirror ACRONYM 11, contact Erik Nelson (that's me) either on the forums or at "erik has email" (without the spaces) at Gmail.
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