QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

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QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

Postby vinteuil » Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:36 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm incredibly excited to announce a new add-on for Quinterest: QuizBug, a question-reader and study tool created by Chris Winkler (Barrington).


Users of older question readers like Quizbowl Central and ProtoBowl will already be familiar with the basics of QuizBug. But QuizBug has several key differences:
  • Questions drawn from the enormous and continuously-expanding Quinterest database.
  • Ability to search questions by specific tournaments, (sub)categories, difficulties, and highly customizable combinations thereof:
  • Ability to combine question-reading with search functionality (reading only questions about a given answerline).
  • Simplified notecard creation directly from question text.
  • No "multiplayer" modes (and thus no typically "ProtoBowl" behavior).

With these features, I expect QuizBug to revolutionize the way players at all levels study for quizbowl. A huge thanks to Chris, who conceived, designed, and coded the whole project, and put up with my continual feature requests.

If the project takes off, we expect to be able to integrate bonus questions into QuizBug sometime in the future.
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Re: QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

Postby Your Feline Genome » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:45 pm

Wow! and I mean, wow!

This is truly great. I was thinking of making my own clone of protobowl for personal use where you could select only certain answerlines like this, but thanks to this I don't have to do it all by myself! I haven't extensively tested this, but the concept is great, and it seems pretty functional after a couple of minutes of use.

First few thoughts is that we gotta have bonuses in this soon enough, plus I think the GUI when selecting questions could be improved a bit. For example, a major part of why I would use this is if I just studied 5 answerlines and want to test myself on only those answerlines. At the moment, that's very functional, but if you want to compound that with other selections, like selecting for only three tournaments or something crazy like that, it would get fairly chaotic. That's a pretty minor complaint, though. Certainly getting bonuses in this soon would be awesome enough.

Thanks a lot for this new addition! I'm psyched. One other thing I like about it: Because it's not Protobowl, you won't be typing answerlines and worrying whether they'll be accepted or not. This actually would encourage dictating the answer aloud, which is certainly a closer simulation to IRL qb.
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Re: QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

Postby Lo, Marathon Ham! » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:37 pm

I really like this concept as well! The only feature that I think would help a lot is a question counter. For instance, when you're going through a packet using this reader, it tells you how many questions there are. It would be nice if there was also something that told you how many of those questions you had completed so you know when you've finished a packet or perhaps even a category if you were doing that many questions. I find this to be a pretty exciting alternative to the relatively boring method of packet studying.
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Re: QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

Postby no ice » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:11 am

Thank you to Jacob, Rohit, Christopher, and all the other Quinterest contributors for the work they have put into making such a great tool for the quizbowl community.
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Re: QuizBug: A Quinterest Add-On Created by Chris Winkler

Postby On a lurgid bee » Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:09 am

Chris tells me that the code for this has been re-written and now can be played on mobile phones plus the code is all uploaded and can be accessed through a link on the site. If you're into coding perhaps you'll want to take a look at that.
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