Matt Weiner's "Studying for Quizbowl" presentation.

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Matt Weiner's "Studying for Quizbowl" presentation.

Post by hokie168 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:52 pm

I recently got permission from Matt Weiner to post the files to his excellent "Studying for Quizbowl" presentation. He intended it as a resource for new college teams and new coaches, and made it nearly plug-and-play by providing slides as well as a Word file to read from while showing the Powerpoint. It's the kind of resource that can propel four enthusiastic college freshmen to a top-bracket ICT or ACF Nats finish as seniors.

I've put in some italicized annotations to Matt's Word file to try to make his talk more appropriate for high school players. I'm sure there's stuff I missed, and there's definitely some coaching-related thoughts I considered elaborating on, but the presentation seemed long enough as is and I didn't want to detract from Matt's message. I would like to thank the following people for giving me feedback on my annotations: Jakob "Mod Me" Myers, Eric "The Prodigy" Xu, and Matt Bollinger, the Wrath of God.

(Note to Jakob, I don't actually want to be modded, nor do I know what I would do with mod privs.)
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