NHBB / IHBB / USGO Championship Sets Now Posted

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NHBB / IHBB / USGO Championship Sets Now Posted

Post by Great Bustard » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:30 am

http://www.historybowl.com/resources/st ... tion-sets/ for High School Bee and Bowl
http://www.ushistorybee.org/about/sampl ... udy-guide/ for US History Bee
http://www.geographyolympiad.com/nation ... nationals/ for US Geography Olympiad (both Varsity/JV & Elem./Middle School
http://ms.historybowl.com/about/study-g ... tion-sets/ for Middle School Bowl
http://ihbbcanada.com/about/resources/2 ... tion-sets/ for Canadian Championships
http://www.ihbbasia.com/about-2/resourc ... tion-sets/ for Asian Championships
http://www.ihbbeurope.com/resources/201 ... tion-sets/ for European Championships

Middle School Bee / Citizenship Bee / Pop Culture Challenge / Subject Exams along with A Set (i.e. the Blitz set) to follow.
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