NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

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NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby MahoningQuizBowler » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:53 pm

NHBB Morning Groups for Varsity and JV (middle school is playing single round robin)
http://www.historybowl.com/2012-nationa ... -schedule/

Individual schedules with order of play and exact room numbers are being emailed to teams and will be distributed at check-in.
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby Sniper, No Sniping! » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:24 am

Is the Thomas Jefferson that's going there TJHSST or is it a different one?
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby nadph » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:31 am

Thomas Jefferson A and Thomas Jefferson B appear to be from Washington State. Thomas Jefferson Classical is from South North Carolina.

EDIT: jeff is right
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby bird bird bird bird bird » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:40 am

North Carolina, rather.
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby jonpin » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:06 am

Here is where there are plans to update standings bracket-by-bracket:


Buchanan http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... B04Y5RAHJO
Johnson http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... RESGQKSL44
Tyler http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... U61N2JV49P
Polk http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... I176LJD457
Wilson http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... JXGVY03ETH
Garfield http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... KT7HRD3JL4
Coolidge http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... OOY90E97AF
Jackson http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... UA5RTKC36C

Henry http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... JCFVIJYON2
McKinley http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... LBF5W0BIIS
Monroe http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... 940Y12YBSE
Grant http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... IDHNKVM3K3
Taylor http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... PVUF99MVJG
Fillmore http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... X3AZNMEM42
Hoover http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... MIL1RU4TPP
Arthur http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... O35GDJGABB

Adams http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... 91J5TW0QBA
Harrison http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... KZIMONO23C
Madison http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... XJHPO4DYEG
Taft http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... QV30TZJOW3
Hayes http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... LK5BAYRF3C
Quincy http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... R7PRTXXA72
Pierce http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... LA853MV7K4

Truman http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... FJS7P3DVE1
Eisenhower http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... D47L3ZJSYQ
Kennedy http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... GDQFWOJSRY
Baines http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... CUDLLH618Z
Nixon http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... S62ZWU9HKO
Ford http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... 2YU73PRQPQ
Carter http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... EKIEWQ8BX8
Reagan http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... NAD83WO2XL

Middle School
All http://www.teamopolis.com/tools/round-r ... BMD8GG1KTX
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby Granny Soberer » Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:36 pm

When I left, Hunter was going to play Belllarmine in the finals. Longfellow won middle school, I don't know about JV.
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby Urech hydantoin synthesis » Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:57 pm

Yeah, Hunter won 330-190 over Bellarmine (Ankit/Sameer), and in JV, Northmont won 210-200 against Chattahoochee.
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Re: NHBB Saturday Morning Groups

Postby Edward Powers » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:27 pm

If my memory serve me correctly, the Quarterfinals matched # 1 seed Hunter with the #9 University School of Tennessee, # 2 St. Joe's with # 10 Bellarmine, # 3 George Marshall with # 6 LASA, and # 5 Richard Montgomery with # 13 Detroit Catholic Central. Hunter, Bellarmine, George Marshall and DCC all advanced to the Semifinals, then Hunter & Bellarmine played for it all. It was close in the final until the speed round, then Hunter broke it open by about 100 points and finished as a very worthy Champion, 330-190. Richard Yu was named MVP for Hunter, and in the JV Division, Northmont squeezed out a 210-200 victory over Chattahoochee, with Sam Blizzard earning MVP honors for Northmont.

Edit: Hunter defeated DCC to advance to the Championship match, while Bellarmine defeated George Marshall.
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