GWHS Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament 11/18/17

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GWHS Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament 11/18/17

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GWHS Thanksgiving Invitational Quiz Bowl Tournament, 11/18/17. George Washington High School in Charleston, WV will be hosting an Invitational Academic Tournament for middle schools and high schools on November 18, 2017. Question sets will be 2017 Northmont Middle School Set (NMMS 1) and 2017-2018 Richard Montgomery-Beavercreek Collaborative Tournament (RMBCT).

COST: $50/ team.  Schools will be afforded a $5 discount per working buzzer set, a reader/scorekeeper and will receive a $10 discount for traveling more than 100 miles (one-way) to arrive. Discounts are capped at $20.00.

TEAM SIZE:  5 members/ team with alternates as you wish.  Schools may enter as many teams as they wish, but the teams must be ranked in order, with the best team being designated as “A”, so that the morning brackets can be determined fairly.  Brackets will be predetermined for the morning rounds, with teams from the same school being placed in different brackets. Students may play on one team only--a student may not play on one team in the morning and then a different team in the afternoon. No negs!

TIME:  Registration is from 8:15-8:45 a.m.  There will be a lunch break between morning and afternoon sessions. We expect the tournament to last until at least 3 pm.

STRUCTURE:  Competition will be in divisions in the morning for placement.  The top 8 teams will advance to single elimination finals in the afternoon. Teams for the afternoon will be ranked according to the following criteria:  1) average points scored 2) win-loss record 3) results of head-head matches 4) coin toss.  There will be an option of two additional rounds in the afternoon for those teams not advancing to the finals. At the end of the day, the first, second, and third place teams and the tournament MVP (most points for an individual) will be awarded trophies and medals.

QUESTIONS:  The question set sources are mirrored sets: 2017 Northmont set (NMMS 1)for middle schools and the 2017-2018 Beaver Creek Collaboration Tournament set (RMBCT) for high schools. All rounds will consist of 10 tossups followed by 10 tossups with the associated three-part bonuses.  The team may work together on the bonus, but not the tossup.  Bonus questions that are answered incorrectly will not pass to the other team.

LUNCH:  Lunch will be offered onsite. The menu will be Chick-fil-A sandwiches and your choice of Cheese or Pepperoni Hussons Pizza. A meal is $6, which includes one sandwich or 2 slices of pizza, a dessert (fruit or cookie), and a drink. Individual sandwiches are $4, one slice of pizza is $2. Plenty of bottled water will be available for purchase. In the morning donuts will be available for purchase for one dollar apiece, and Orange juice, water and coffee will also be served for nominal cost. There are several fast food restaurants within a short driving distance, but teams returning late to lunch for an afternoon match run the risk of forfeiting the match.

LOCATION:  All competitions will be held on the second floor with the counselors’ suite serving as the control room.  Please use the parking lot directly in front of the school for cars; buses may park on the other side of Tennis Club Road from the high school

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Deadline for registration is Tuesday, November 14th, although registrations received after that time will be honored if space is available. You may register by mail or by sending the required information by email to . Fees must be paid prior to the competition, but may be paid at registration. If you must withdraw any team, please notify me us as soon as possible so that brackets may be adjusted.  

If you have any questions, please call GWHS coach Chris McClung at 304-343-1549 (home), 304-550-3070 (mobile), or call JAMS coach Dawn Combs at 304-343-3861 or 304-437-1329 (mobile). If you require directions to the school, please email or phone and they will be sent to you.  We hope that you can join us in Charleston, WV on November 18 for some friendly competition.
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