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Tournament location

2012 Mahoning County Quizbowl League

High school tournament on January 04 - March 07, 2012

Address: Youngstown area, Ohio

Question Set: NAQT Invitational Series #112A

Field cap: 16 teams

Youngstown, Ohio's legendary Mahoning County quizbowl league kicked off its 2012 season on January 4, using NAQT IS sets 111 and 112A. Longtime league director Greg Bossick recently stepped down, succeeded by longtime Missouri and Ohio quizbowl veteran Paul Nelson.

The league uses a two-division promotion/relegation system similar to English soccer. A round robin is played among the teams in each division, with the winner of the first division being the overall county champion.

Entry information

Team entry fees per school

  • Base fee per team: $100
This entry is owned by Paul Nelson.