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Tournament location

Sic Semper Trashis - SWATA Trash

Trash tournament on March 25, 2017

Host location: Virginia High School

Address: 1200 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol, Virginia 24201

Question Set: 2016 Ohio TRASH

Field cap: 16 teams

Tournament exists as celebration of SWATA season and fundraiser for teams from Southwest Virginia playing national tournaments (SSNCT, HSNCT, PACE-NSC) in Spring 2017. Fees are guidelines. If you can pay full freight, please do so; if you can contribute extra, your contributions go DIRECTLY to these teams.

Entry information

Team entry fees per school

  • Base fee per team: $80

Other fees

  • Free agent fee (open): $25
  • Free agent fee (high school player): $15


  • Buzzer discount: -$5 per working buzzer system
  • Staffer discount: -$10

Additional entry information

  • Minimum fee per team: $60

Fee schedule applying ONLY to high school teams:
$50 for first team, $45 for each subsequent team
-$10 discount *per school* (not per team) for any Virginia high school that played a SWATA Saturday tournament (Redbud at Honaker, LMIT at Gate City, Tornado at Richlands, or Bulldog at Tazewell) this season
No minimum fee for high school teams; please negotiate with the TD

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