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Solon Individual Tournament

High school tournament on September 29, 2012

Host location: Solon High School

Address: 33600 Inwood Rd., Solon, Ohio 44139

Question Set: NAQT Invitational Series #114A


Solon High School is sponsoring a new type of tournament, an individual tournament, where students play as individuals, but form teams in a draw of all the players that sign up. Schools may bring any number of players, but they probably wouldn't be playing on the same team. It will be challenging to play with people they may not know, but they will need to learn quickly about their team mates in order to compete at the highest level.
This is a fundraiser for the Autism Foundation. Solon will make no money. After expenses, the rest goes to charity. Each individual will pay $5. Schools may pay for the students from their school, if they wish. There is no set amount of students from any school. The names of all students entered will be put into a bowl where the first four names drawn will form the first team, the next four the second team etc.
The event will be held on September 29th at Solon High School. The winning team members will each receive a $25 gift certificate as will the top scorer. We will need to pay fees. As there are no "school" teams, there are no discounts, as you might imagine. We do need to have coaches bring buzzers and read. It should be interesting to watch. It gives the students a chance to get ready for the season by competing in a pre-season contest, like sports teams. Again, students can sign up individually and/or with other students from their school. They may pay $5 each or the school can pay for them.
Coaches, please email me regarding the number of students that will be here from your school. There is no limit to the number of students, large or small, that may come from each school.
Please let me know your concerns or questions. I hope that find this to be a good start to the year as well as a chance to donate money to a worthy charity.

Bob Weiser budyzer@en.com

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  • Base fee per team: $5

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$5.00 per person See info in additional details

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